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Black Belt Aviator Coaching

What does martial arts have to do with pilot skills?  Plenty.

We first need to understand what does the term, “black belt” mean?  The Black Belt is not a mark or a symbol of the end of a journey to one’s mastery of the art; rather it is the mark of one who is done packing for their journey and may now take the first step in their true journey.  This is a journey that can never be complete, only traveled…..

Before you go deeper into this document, ask yourself a question.  Are you interested in becoming a safer and more confident pilot?  Are the lives of your family, friends and colleagues that will fly with you valuable enough for you to be at your best, all year long, not just during an insurance or FAA required checkride?  

This program is designed for pilot/owners of high performance piston twin, turboprop and jet aircraft.  If you don’t fit this profile, this program is not for you.  This program is offered on an invitation basis only.  We only work with an elite group of pilots that meet certain qualifications.  

To become a Black Belt Aviator means that you understand, flying is a skill, a science and an art.  In order to attain an elite status of performance and safety, you need instruction, practice and coaching.  Achieving elite status as a pilot is not unlike any other kind of skillful endeavor, with one exception.  Your mistakes on the playing field, the golf course, or in your business do not normally put the lives of the people you care about at risk of potential harm.  

Aviation activities must focus on safety and effectiveness.  The very expensive investment you have made in your aircraft is wasted if you harm someone, scare yourself, or cease the routine use of the aircraft as a tool because you lack confidence in your experience or abilities.  I have long said, that when I had a couple thousand hours of flight time, I considered myself an with over 15,000 hours I understand how silly I was back then.  As a Black Belt Aviator, I understand that learning and improving require my affirmative action, they are not a result of passive action or arrogant belief that I know it all.  

Elite athletes understand the value of coaching in order to improve their game and stay on top.  Does it not make sense that if you, the pilot, wishes to perform at an elite level, you should do the same?  If you own a high performance aircraft, you have achieved a significant level of success in business.  Is “being good enough”, good enough for you in your business?

Military pilots and airline pilots represent the pinnacle of pilot skill and experience.  They have it easy compared to you.  Both receive outstanding initial training, and recurrent training is planned and continuous. It is not just some annual “check the box” thing.  Both receive pre and post briefings on their flights and are critiqued throughout their entire career.  If you were once one of these pilots, you know what I am talking about.   

I was a owner/pilot of a high performance aircraft before becoming an airline pilot and since I left the airlines and started my other businesses.  I understand the unique pressures of running a business, dealing with employees, clients and day to day activities that have nothing to do with flying.  When I owned my medical device company, I would work long hours and visit several cities in a day.  Business meetings at the FBO, phone calls on the way out to the airplane, then crank the engines and blast off to my next stop.  The aircraft is a time machine.  It allows us to get more done, and see our families more often. It even allows us to travel in our free time (if there is any left), to exotic locations without the hassle of airline travel.  But with all the investment we make in our businesses and our aircraft, pilots often forget the most important investment in the cockpit is the pilot and our most valuable possessions are usually sitting behind us.  

You need to be better.  You need to operate your aircraft at 100% all the time.  You have more pressure on you than the airline pilot.  You often fly single pilot, without a crew, dispatchers and on demand maintenance.  Until now.  

I have been flying with, training and evaluating owner/pilots just like you since the 80’s and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.  A recent incident with a pilot who was not one of my clients, but who did  fit my client profile needlessly killed himself, his family and their friends was a wake up call.  I can be of service here, and doing it the way we always have done, can be improved.  This is why the Black Belt Aviator Coaching Program has been created.